6 Things I Take Whenever I Hike


  1. Peak Design Capture Clip

Hiking with a camera isn’t easy. It adds just that extra bit of weight that your legs end up really feeling toward the end of the hike. Not only that, it is such a pain having to go into your backpack, pull it out, shoot, and then put it back in so you don’t have to be holding it the entire time. I noticed on one of my favorite photographers instagram stories (@hannesbecker) that he was on a hike but was not holding his camera but instead was clipped onto his backpack strap. I knew I needed that and did some research and found the peak design capture clip. The capture clip can be placed on a belt buckle or camera strap and then you place a small attachment to the bottom of your camera that slides in and out of the clip. Super easy and the capture clip has a lock so that your camera doesn’t slide out. Seriously one of my favorite camera purchases I have ever gotten.

  1. Regrained Bars

I don’t know about you all but I’m the definition of a snacker. Plantain chips, cheez its, gummy bears, dried mango, anything goes while on the trails. Granola bars are the ultimate trail snack though. Easy to hold and munch on while hiking plus they provide that burst on energy too. I recently found out about this company called Regrained that I think are really changing the game. For all my beer drinkers, after creating a batch of beer you’re left with a grain that is usually tossed out. Regrained takes those and upcycles them creating this super tasty bar (my fave is the coffee flavor). They’re also based in the Bay Area so gotta support the local businesses.

  1. North Face Thermoball Jacket

To be honest I have too much North Face gear but it’s really hard not to get more. Their clothing is really high quality and the Thermoball Jacket is no exception. Some jackets while they keep you really warm just feel way to heavy to carry around in your backpack while hiking. The Thermoball fixes that by being lightweight and incredibly cozy. I seriously take this thing everywhere and if you’re in the market for a lightweight jacket this is the one for you.

  1. Matador Droplet Dry Bag

Matador is one of my favorite travel companies. Everything they make is so easily stored and folds into itself. I have 2 of their carry on bags and I take them whenever I fly or go on short trips. While on the trail you should always plan for the unexpected. Unexpected rain, unexpectedly falling into a river or lake, that sorta stuff.The dry bag has you covered. Keep your wet clothes in there so that it doesn’t get your bag all wet or keep important things like your phone, wallet, or keys in there to make sure they stay dry. 

  1. North Face Bpack Rain Cover

Similar to the Matador dry bag the Northface Backpack rain cover is so clutch to have if it starts raining especially if you have camera or camping gear. It easily folds into a side pocket of your backpack and when the water starts to come down, just throw it over your bag and you’re good to go. It is super easy and and it has a draw string to make sure it fits nice and snug and nothing gets wet. 

  1. AllTrails App

An app isn’t a physical thing you can carry but the AllTrails app is something I use whenever researching trails, or while on them. AllTrails gives detailed maps and descriptions on trails all throughout the United States. They give you difficulty level, pictures of what the trail looks like, and even the weather if you’re planning this hike out over the next couple days. If you have the pro version you can download the map onto your phone so you can have that while hiking and not have to worry about getting lost. AllTrails has definitely helped me out with planning many adventures and if you don’t have it I would totally recommend it. 

Please share with me some of your go to hiking gear and snacks! Always looking for more great products and yummy snacks 🙂